24x xmas…

Hello December…

This year you came unexpectedly early… honestly, I wasn’t quite ready… But I am now, and Im happy you are here with all your festive motions all around… City lights are shining brighter, candles are lit up almost 24×7, smell of clementines and gingerbread cookies is in the air… that magic feeling comes along with you :)
Welcome December, welcome…


Our mood board and xmas activities for 2016:
1.First xmas decorations… We are up for stars this winter, here come some ideas to explore:
2.I love to walk around the city and look through xmas theme decorated windows. One of my little dreams has always been to have xmas drawings on our own windows, so this year we finally bought chalk board pens… let the dream come true: http://www.songbirdblog.com/my-hutch-has-christmas-window-decorations/
3.Xmas market and city lights.
4.With friends dinner tastes better :)
5.Welcoming winter with some winter crafts. This year, once again we will try to make a snow ball because we all love it… Wanna join us? Here is one idea on how to make it: http://fustany.com/en/lifestyle/diy/diy-mason-jar-snow-globe
6. I saw this lovely xmas dear and i thought we should make one for our girls to have fun :) Have fun you too :)
7. DIY table cards for xmas eve. There are so many ideas on how to make them and I’m sure girls have bunch of their own ideas, so let it be…
8. Gingerbread cookies – Still looking for my perfect vegan cookies, this year we will give a try to these ones: http://www.ilovevegan.com/perfect-vegan-gingerbread-cookies/
9.Whilst I was looking at some xmas inspirations, i found this lovely bag and i think girls would love to make one just like that: http://www.feiertaeglich.de/2016/11/einen-bambi-beutel-kann-jeder-gebrauchen-schnelles-geschenk-mit-kartoffeldruck-diy/
10.Saturday breakfast with fun table set.
11.Its time for xmas cards: http://www.studiocalico.com/galleries/103596-warmest-wishes
12.Table decorations and xmas tree: http://www.thouswell.co/diy-christmas-table-decor/
13.Xmas accessories – DIY Garland: http://blog.brika.com/blog/2012/12/04/anabelas-diy-project-2-star-garland/
14.Xmas story telling night.
15. Winters in The Netherlands are not cold, so i had an idea to create that special feeling of winter with DIY ice laterns: http://en.dawanda.com/diy-tutorials/crafting/make-ice-candle-holder
16. DIY winter crow:http://mrkate.com/2012/12/19/diy-ornament-headband/ :) Love this simple idea…
17. Walking down the memory lane, we are having xmas holiday back in Maastricht – mmm I remember the beautiful xmas market and the ice skating ring…
18.Its daddy’s name day and we are going to treat him with delicious coffee and a breakfast. Here is an idea on how to make your social coffee mug: http://diy-enthusiasts.com/decorating-ideas/christmas/cute-christmas-treats-gingerbread-cookies/
19.It’s a wonderful night, cause we are all together for a movie night. PJs on :)
20. DIY your xmas angel: http://kassamartat.blogspot.nl/2013/11/paperienkeli-kierratysmateriaaleista.html
21.Beard crafting for fun xmas eve. This year there will be more Santas in the house: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByMxQv1oKt8uWm5mcEhzR3NxeVk/edit?pli=1
22.Very special family gathering day, so many of us from many different parts of the world… we will be all together for a special xmas celebration… Wohooo :)
23. It’s time for xmas meal preparation and the queen of the night will be this beautiful cake. The same- best Tanni’s (mum’s) recipe but in a different dress this time :)
1 egg, 1 condensed milk jar (about 400g),50g melted butter, 7 tbs flour, 1tsp baking powder – all mixed together. Divide all the mixture in three parts and bake in the oven until they become brownish.
For filling and cover you will need – 300g sour cream, 200g double cream, 200g brown sugar – mixed with mixer together. When all three cake parts are cooled down you can place them one over other and in between fill with cream, the last bit is to dress the whole cake with the same cream and let it all soak in for about 5h or more.
Merry Christmas, it’s 24th!!!

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skeleton is coming out of the closet

hello happy Spring :)
happy for a few reasons… the sun is shining in the window and my heart…my little katrina is turning 8 this week…. and i have finally decided to share something with you again :)
Its been a while since we have finished our family skeletons project. Back then we lived in Den Haag… Lo was just two years old (she is six now) and Katrina was four…so, yes skeletone out of the closet…. means we are finally sharing our nurtured baby – 1.5m tall printable skeleton with you readers…. so you can go ahead and make your own :)

U will need:

• printed out skeleton material (see on the page below) or u can also use copy/draw method (using paper and pencil and overdraw the bones from the screen – old school :))
• drawing paper roll or u can use A3 size paper and just stick it together. U need just enough paper space, that u can lay down and draw lines around your body.
• hot/cold glue gan or just strong glue
• scissors
• different fabrics (leftovers), ropes, napkins, anything you can use as inner organs of the body.
• ear sticks as a foot fingers
• 2 flowers/buttons or anything else as eyes
• and of course your imagination

Plan of the work
1. draw the contour of the body on the drawing paper roll, fun poses are just great. Here i would suggest to use erasable pencil as you might need to improve the drawing. Keep in mind that the bones sizes are for 1.50m tall person, so if the person you draw is taller or smaller, u will need some drawing adjustments.

2. cut out the printable (all the bones).

3. set up all the skeleton first and see where goes which bone.
4. glue all the cut material one by one, its good to use some order :) We began with a head, backbone, ribs, pelvis, arms, hands fingers and down to the legs.

5. Next step is an inner organs, foot fingers, hair, teeth and of course head bands… as our skeleton is a girl with name Anna.

A little gif – life with skeleton Anna

Here are some useful youtube material about human body and how it works:
Human body parts
How the human body works
Internal organs
Digestive sistem
Play and have a lots of fun!!!
Cilvéka skelets/Humans skeleton

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24 x Christmas

Ho ho ho hoooo…
it’s time for Christmas and here comes our annual advent calendar of winter activities:

1.Its time to let winter in our home – first xmas decorations. It wasn’t easy to stop my girls to do it straight away after Lo’s birthday on 17th November. Lights, snowflakes, Christmas box stories, flavour of summer herb tea wrapped into the winter orange coat reminds me about 1 December.
2.Winter science – fizzy xmas stars
3. One of our advent craft is wrapping paper, this year our theme is fir and star. For this we will use triangle shaped stamps made out of potato:
4.December – It’s a Sinterklaas dinner time. In the Netherlands Xmas comes earlier, so we gonna celebrate it with creating winter wreath. We are kind of traditional in this. We mostly using wicker and dried fruits, this year we will also use eucalyptus leaves. Here are more original idea of making wreath with using wool:
5. Card crafting afternoon.
6. Diy your own xmas angel. I just love this idea. Simply beautiful.
7. Let’s craft some fun…
8. Planing some friends on the weekend, new table décor would be just great. What about candle holders?
9. Kindness elfs will make some gingerbread cookies for special people.
10. I like an idea of ice skating and ice skating in the Winter Station sounds even more attractive. What about you, do you like ice skating?
In 1954, the Spoorwegmuseum (Railway Museum) found a permanent home at the Maliebaan Station, one of the stations just outside the historic city center of Utrecht. In recent years, the station and museum have undergone extensive renovations to restore it to its 19th-century appearance. The grand station hall and the waiting rooms, including the Royal Waiting Room, remind one of an elegant era of steam, wood and shining brass. Every winter the museum adds to its charm with the addition of the Winter Station. Ice skating is a popular Dutch winter pastime, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Fortunately, the Winter Station transforms part of the museum into an indoor ice skating rink, surrounded by old trains, a carousel and a festive winter atmosphere. Visitors can even roast marshmallows over open fires outdoors.
11. Invite a friend for a dinner ☺ Candles, comfort food, hoodie and oma’s knitted socks… Sounds like a big winter hug,isn’t it? That’s the one reason I like winter.
12. It’s Saturday… xmas market could be an idea :)
13. Light up second candle and visit neighbourhood city… More lights…
14. Kindness elfs – Music for soul. Search for xmas music, there must be some in your or neighbour town.
We are having Christmas Charity concert in the Church in the city of Hague. And if you are near by, please come and join us:
15. What about your made present for friends and grandparents… We gonna make lavender body butter to treat winter cold. Here are some ideas:
16. Home made winter treat … when it comes to the winter holidays, the true Dutch passion lies with oliebollen (fried dough balls) and poffertjes (mini pancakes). Stalls, converted trucks, and pop-up buildings begin appearing in Dutch cities across the country in this season ☺
We call them happy balls, we know they are not so healthy but they make you smile… and it counts, right… Family movie and oliebollen (in Latvia we have something simmilar called „ Žagariņi“) is just perfect happy couple.
Recipe of happy Dutch balls:
17. Winter theater or ballet with classic Christmas story? Last year girls first time went to real classic ballet, they loved it so much, that we made it as our family tradition – at least once a year to join the Ballet or Opera. This year we are lucky to have Nut Cracker in the neigbour town, Amsterdam. mmm… brings me back to the memory lane.
Im sure they gonna love it… as they love to watch it on youtube and ask to repeat it not just once.
18.Kindness elfs will make Xmas for birds :) Let’s make it together! Here are some nice ideas how to make bird feeders:
19. Dream comes true – This day is about little wishes, little ideas, which girls would love to alive and I will be the fairy:)
20. Lighting up the third candle and exploring Lights in the city…
I found this one as an interesting project:
TheTrajectum Lumen is a series of light art installations throughout the city, ranging from quickly changing patterns illuminating a small opening off the Drift canal to the illusory spill of light onto the ground from the Janskerk (St. John’s Church). The lights go on at dusk and stay on until midnight, and anyone can follow the map or app to see them on their own.
The Dom Tower also lights up each evening as part of the Trajectum Lumendisplay, but this winter, it will also be part of the Night of Light at the Dom, taking place November 15th and December 20th. This spectacular event is a large party with DJs and musicians performing at the base of the tower, while light, art, video and graphics are beamed onto the walls of the tower.
21. Twinkle, twinkle little star…DIY Fairy shoes for festive nights.

22.Make your own Xmas story
Some ideas and templates for window decorations:
Make your own Xmas story Templates for window decorations:
23. Sweet treat for xmas eve…
24. Let it snow on xmas eve:) Merry, merry Christmas!!!

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Yoga Gives Back… and cakes

Inspired by Sunday morning and Yoga Place Maastricht organized celebration of International Yoga Day for supporting Yoga Gives Back campaign.

It gave me another impulse to write again… This time about cakes, where each has their own story and together they made this beautiful event even more “lekker”…


More about Yoga Gives Back project you can read here.


Here they come…


Apple/raspberry pie
Last year on of my favourite winter cakes was My New Roots Cranberry Pie. I am backing it a lot, so do my mum and friends… those who ever taste it ☺ It is absolutely delicious and was inspiration to improvise a bit more with fillings, sometimes I use just apples, or strawberries with rhubarb, or apples with strawberries, or apples with blackberries, or…



1cup oats
½ cup walnuts
75 g buckwheat flour
¼ cup agave (or any another liquid sweetener of your choice)
¼ melted coconut oil


1 cup apples (peeled, cored and cubed)
1 cup raspberries (frozen or fresh). If u use frozen raspberies then better unfrozen them before and use one cup of berries trying to avoid too much liquid.
1 tsp cinnamon
1/3 cup sweetener (taste if its sweet enough)
2 tbsp. chia mixed with saved raspberries liquid or another liquid (water, squeezed orange juice)


1.Preheat oven to 200 degrees C.
2. Mix all crust ingredients in food processor and pulse to mix together.
3. Grease 9” tart pan and press crust evenly along the bottom and sides of pan.
4. Mix together filling and pour in to the crust. If filling looks too liquid use another tbsp. of chia.
5. Back for 40 minutes until the crust turns brownish ☺



Vegan Bundt cake
or I called it Lauma’s cake… who is my friend and the one who showed me this cake recipe and ayurveda cooking at all. The recipe is already modified to vegan one but I am still thinking of you Lauma every time I cook it… thank you dear☺


To mix all ingredients you will need three separate bowls.


1st bowl mix
110 g oil
250 g soya (or milk of your choice)
130 g agave
200 g soya yoghurt
1 tsp backing soda mixed with 1 tsp lemon


2nd bowl mix
1 lemon skin (grated)
100 g cashew nuts
100 g raisins
250 g dried apricots (cut)


3rd bowl mix
1 tsp muscat nut powder
1 tsp cardamom
1 tsp curcuma
300 g whole grain flour


1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C.
2. Grease and flour a bundt pan.
3. Mix 1 bowl with second bowl and then all together with third bowl mix, pour into prepared pan.
4. Bake in preheated oven until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean, 45 to 55 minutes.


Carrot Cake

Queen of the cakes or the most cooked cake in our home…
There are a lot of different versions of these cakes around the world and it looks in the The Netherlands it’ s a must have cake in every little or big bakery.

We have our own favourite.


300 g carrots shredded
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp cardamom
1/3 tsp backing soda with 1 tsp lemon juice
60 g rice oil
70 g raisins
70 g walnuts
70 g soya milk with 2 tsp apple cider
50 g agave (or maple syrup)
160 g whole grain flour


1.Preheat oven to 200 degrees C.
2. All ingredients mix together and pour into 9” pan.
3. Bake in preheated oven until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean, 45 minutes.


Eet smakelijk!

Greeting from Maastricht, A.

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24 times xmas

hello, december!
this year, in addition to our traditional xmas calendar we added a beautiful idea of Kindness Elves, inspired by Ana from Imagination tree :) thank you for this lovely idea… we couldn’t even wait until xmas, so we began earlier. our first wrapped presents are already on the way to children’s homes in Latvia :) this is a great way to show love, kindness and gratitude to kids. we spent a wonderful evening preparing presents and talking about sharing, giving and spreading love to people around us. hug your family, send a letter to your friend and give a smile to a stranger on the street…just GIVE!!!
here comes our 24 magical sacks with letters from kindness elves and ides for our xmas time:) enjoy!

1. create a new tradition for Christmas with the Kindness Elves.
As next of #kindnesselves activity will be DIY present for children in India. In this idea we will support Yoga Gives Back organization and will send xmas presents to my yoga teacher from Yogaplace, who is already months in India and share love with children there.
2. make your own gingerbread dough. this year we choose vegan receipe from minimalistbaker:
3. craft your advent wreath. we usually use natural materials… some leftovers from summer and autumn (nuts, dry flowers, berries, etc.) and we also like to add some gingerbread cookies.
4. make your own table decors for xmas dinner.
we will make napkin rings with recycled material: toilet paper rolls/ papaer towel rolls covered with ribbon lace http://www.pinterest.com/pin/513058582523804212/
5. make a meal and invite some friends.
as we are living in Netherlands, we are lucky to have two Santa Clauses. Ziemassvētku vecītis (in latvian Santa Claus) is coming on 24th of december from North Pole and another one is dutch Sinterklaas (also known as Saint Nicholas), who came this year on 15.november and stays until 5.december – Dag Sinterklaas. We are making dinner for our friend Ana from Portugal :)
more about who is this old man with white long beard coming from Spain with boat and a lot of helpers -Zwarte pieten – you can read here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinterklaas and here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zwarte_Piet
6.diy xmas tree decors with clay
7.light up second candle and go for a family walk in the neighbourhood xmas market.
8. make or buy a bird feeder and start to feed birds in the garden each day until spring is coming.
There are a lot of great DIY bird feeders using pine cones and other ingredients on Pinterest, this yea we will make orange bird feder:
9.it’s time to make some homemade cards.
10. snow bird crafts.


11. DIY xmas wrapping paper – we go for polka dot: http://squirrellyminds.com/2012/12/07/diy-polka-dot-wrapping-paper/
12. snowflake crafts. we already made paper snowflakes for lorena’s “frozen birthday party”:

now will try to make glue gun window snowlakes:
13. make an easy table cards for your special xmas dinner – cones with name tags
14. go for a xmas trip to another city, search for xmas lights, hot chocaaaalate and pancakes. we are going for family trip to Cape Verde, so next ideas we will fulfill there. xmas movie on the way….
15. xmas peanut crafts
16. xmas tree preparation… we wont be home in christmas time but i still think it would be great to have xmas tree in our holiday house, found couple great take away ideas:

17. surprise night expedition… Here are kidsactivitiesblog idea: Have Daddy tuck the kids into bed while you (sneakily) prepare hot cocoa in travel mugs. Run the mugs and cozy blankets out to the car and then dash up the stairs to the kids’ rooms. Open their doors and shout Surprise!!!! Get them out of bed and go on a hunt around your neighborhood (in jammies!) for the best and brightest Christmas light displays. The kids will love the element of surprise and the hot cocoa!
As we will be in Cabo Verde, we will attend Turtle SOS organization for turtle saving activity. #kindnesselves


18. give love and donate. we found organization in Sal (Capo Verde), where we will bring girls drawings, school items for children in Africa. Teach your kids the true spirit of giving. #kindnesselves
19. make a family handprint christmas tree and send it to grandparents http://www.mamasmiles.com/fun-christmas-craft-family-handprint-christmas-tree/
20. search for xmas lights in yours or neighbourhood city.
21. read xmas story
22. learn about xmas traditions in your country or if you already know them all, search for different countries traditions. we will learn about Caboverdian traditions, interesting… do they have any?
23. make a list of everything you’re grateful for and stick it onto a happy/ thankful xmas tree or put it into the gratetude jar, which you can fulfil during the next year. hmmm…great idea also for New years eve…
24. christmas morning breakfast – lazy morning in pj, give out free hugs to all friends and family today! Hugs release endorphins and make everyone feel happy. #kindnesselves
Have a joyful Christmas season planing!!!

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funny bunny… head accessories and more…

it’s been a while since my last post and I’ve missed it so much. so today i said to myself, let’s make our day a bit different- more crafts less studing. the idea to make headbands in a theme of spring popped in my head :) so there it goes… happy easter everyone :)

u will need:
foam balls
30x15cm fabric rectangle
30 cm fine wire
glue gun
simple headband or hair pin


how to make it:
1. take foam ball and wrap it in the fabric, fix it with wire – make it with two knots in the middle and leave both ends for bunny ears
2. wrap wire ends with fabric to make bunny ears. use glue gun to stick them together. improvise.
5. cut out little circle (3cm wide) from the same fabric, u will need it for sticking bunny on the headband
6. take your bunny, fabric circle and headband, stick together with glue gun.



p.s.in the last pic u can see our easter fun game… keep the egg between your nose…

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colorlicios… carnival greetings from Maastricht :)

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oceans and ocean animals 3-part cards

we are continuing our geography journey with oceans… here comes oceans and ocean animals 3 -part cards in latvian language:


english version you can download here

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not into Valentine’s day… :)

a couple of days ago i asked girls, what is love? and i realised that we havent actually ever spoken about it… i made a video and i think i’ll try doing it again in the future to see how it would develop over the years :)
so what our girls think about LOVE…..
lo: when you are ready to give away your best shoes… when you wear white dress…, when u wear a beautiful ring and u have lots of flowers…, when dad givs presents to mammy… (she is trying to do it almost every time when she is in the shop… daddy, i think we have to buy something for mummy… :)
katrina: when u kiss each other…, when a girl stands next to a boy, when falimy is together…, when u watch movies one a couch together…
here is our day (girls only) spent in thoughts about love…wedding dresses, flowers and a lot of hearts…
have some cheeez :)
and happy lovers day :)

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in the world of animations…

cookingpoetry presents sunday animation – living in the farm. made by cooperation #fatherdaughters…

at the begging they were super exited, then in the middle of the process they were kind of bored and at the very end, after watching their super little animation (10s), they wonder how long it gone take to make 1.5h long animation… a lot of work huh?

are you ready to make yours? here are some tips, how to make it…
u will need:
1)film maker – daddy patience…
2)animator’s patiance – it’s a very detailed process, nothing happens fast
3)animation surface – we used table
4)decorations and actors – we used farm and farm animals
5)web camera and movie editing software – we used HD web cam and monkey jam stop motion animation program,which u can download it here. There are also other tehniques if u want use regular camera. This time we thought it’s easier to use web cam directly with animation software.



5 steps how to make animation:
1) set up your software and connect web camera to the computer
2) set up your scene and your actors
3) place your web camera to the scene and make sure it’s in a stable position, be aware not to touch it or move it. we placed our web camera on the tripod.
4) using software, capture frame by frame. From frame to frame move your main actors – it has to be very slow, approximately 5 mm from one position to another… here comes big patience and careful work not to distroy or move any other objects in the same screen :) we did our best :)
5) and the last part is exporting all your frames into the video file



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