cooking poetry

is a personal blog about my little urban family. here you’ll find my and my family’s everyday habits and bits & pieces of celebrating life.
a few years back our eating habits changed from eating meat to fresh, vegetarian and more often vegan food. we DIY almost everything, including lovely hand made dresses, and, of course, our cakes, ranging from beautifully decorated party cakes to healthy sugarless raw cakes :)


cooking poetry posts once at a time what happens in the kitchen, in the closet, in the playtime, home styling, DIY and inspiration trends



anita (me) – wife, mum, girlfriend (to 100 and counting), and dancer (ego sum saltatio), homemaker, multitasking queen


kristaps – the king with 3 ladies court, calm ebb to my (frequent) tide,.. great cook and conversation partner, once you see his beautiful eyes behind the shades…


katrina – big sister & mum’s right hand, montessori student, perfectionist and a true princess, including love for tea parties and ballet


lorena or lo – baby lioness, family actress, loves exploring and (because of that – often) destroying, prefers skirts that turn


welcome to my little creative sanctuary, diary for me and (maybe) inspiration for you