24x xmas…

Hello December…

This year you came unexpectedly early… honestly, I wasn’t quite ready… But I am now, and Im happy you are here with all your festive motions all around… City lights are shining brighter, candles are lit up almost 24×7, smell of clementines and gingerbread cookies is in the air… that magic feeling comes along with you :)
Welcome December, welcome…


Our mood board and xmas activities for 2016:
1.First xmas decorations… We are up for stars this winter, here come some ideas to explore:
2.I love to walk around the city and look through xmas theme decorated windows. One of my little dreams has always been to have xmas drawings on our own windows, so this year we finally bought chalk board pens… let the dream come true: http://www.songbirdblog.com/my-hutch-has-christmas-window-decorations/
3.Xmas market and city lights.
4.With friends dinner tastes better :)
5.Welcoming winter with some winter crafts. This year, once again we will try to make a snow ball because we all love it… Wanna join us? Here is one idea on how to make it: http://fustany.com/en/lifestyle/diy/diy-mason-jar-snow-globe
6. I saw this lovely xmas dear and i thought we should make one for our girls to have fun :) Have fun you too :)
7. DIY table cards for xmas eve. There are so many ideas on how to make them and I’m sure girls have bunch of their own ideas, so let it be…
8. Gingerbread cookies – Still looking for my perfect vegan cookies, this year we will give a try to these ones: http://www.ilovevegan.com/perfect-vegan-gingerbread-cookies/
9.Whilst I was looking at some xmas inspirations, i found this lovely bag and i think girls would love to make one just like that: http://www.feiertaeglich.de/2016/11/einen-bambi-beutel-kann-jeder-gebrauchen-schnelles-geschenk-mit-kartoffeldruck-diy/
10.Saturday breakfast with fun table set.
11.Its time for xmas cards: http://www.studiocalico.com/galleries/103596-warmest-wishes
12.Table decorations and xmas tree: http://www.thouswell.co/diy-christmas-table-decor/
13.Xmas accessories – DIY Garland: http://blog.brika.com/blog/2012/12/04/anabelas-diy-project-2-star-garland/
14.Xmas story telling night.
15. Winters in The Netherlands are not cold, so i had an idea to create that special feeling of winter with DIY ice laterns: http://en.dawanda.com/diy-tutorials/crafting/make-ice-candle-holder
16. DIY winter crow:http://mrkate.com/2012/12/19/diy-ornament-headband/ :) Love this simple idea…
17. Walking down the memory lane, we are having xmas holiday back in Maastricht – mmm I remember the beautiful xmas market and the ice skating ring…
18.Its daddy’s name day and we are going to treat him with delicious coffee and a breakfast. Here is an idea on how to make your social coffee mug: http://diy-enthusiasts.com/decorating-ideas/christmas/cute-christmas-treats-gingerbread-cookies/
19.It’s a wonderful night, cause we are all together for a movie night. PJs on :)
20. DIY your xmas angel: http://kassamartat.blogspot.nl/2013/11/paperienkeli-kierratysmateriaaleista.html
21.Beard crafting for fun xmas eve. This year there will be more Santas in the house: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByMxQv1oKt8uWm5mcEhzR3NxeVk/edit?pli=1
22.Very special family gathering day, so many of us from many different parts of the world… we will be all together for a special xmas celebration… Wohooo :)
23. It’s time for xmas meal preparation and the queen of the night will be this beautiful cake. The same- best Tanni’s (mum’s) recipe but in a different dress this time :)
1 egg, 1 condensed milk jar (about 400g),50g melted butter, 7 tbs flour, 1tsp baking powder – all mixed together. Divide all the mixture in three parts and bake in the oven until they become brownish.
For filling and cover you will need – 300g sour cream, 200g double cream, 200g brown sugar – mixed with mixer together. When all three cake parts are cooled down you can place them one over other and in between fill with cream, the last bit is to dress the whole cake with the same cream and let it all soak in for about 5h or more.
Merry Christmas, it’s 24th!!!

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funny bunny… head accessories and more…

it’s been a while since my last post and I’ve missed it so much. so today i said to myself, let’s make our day a bit different- more crafts less studing. the idea to make headbands in a theme of spring popped in my head :) so there it goes… happy easter everyone :)

u will need:
foam balls
30x15cm fabric rectangle
30 cm fine wire
glue gun
simple headband or hair pin


how to make it:
1. take foam ball and wrap it in the fabric, fix it with wire – make it with two knots in the middle and leave both ends for bunny ears
2. wrap wire ends with fabric to make bunny ears. use glue gun to stick them together. improvise.
5. cut out little circle (3cm wide) from the same fabric, u will need it for sticking bunny on the headband
6. take your bunny, fabric circle and headband, stick together with glue gun.



p.s.in the last pic u can see our easter fun game… keep the egg between your nose…

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midnight dancer

are u ready for a spooky one? i wasn’t until today…and yeah, i love spontaneous ideas….its a completely different energy, and a lot of fun in creation process

here comes an easy (DIY) bat shades for your special party mood


printed bat template

shades, glasses or goggles
hot glue or double side tape if it’s for one time use



cut out printed template
stick to the glasses
and happy haloween!!!

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autumn coronation…

welcome… cool sunny mornings, smell of pumpkin pie in the kitchen, autumn leave fights (catching falling leaves), mushroom hike in the woods, family picnic under an apple tree, umbrella walks, candle light dinner…
what is your favourite autumn activity?
autumn adventure continues… lo becoming a queen of autumn


arī pie mums ir iestājies rudens… dzestri saulaini rīti, ķirbja pirāga smarža krasnī, rudens lapu cīņas, sēņu pārgājiens mežā, ģimenes pikniks zem ābeles, lietussargu pastaigas, vakariņas sveču gaismā…
kāda ir tavas mīļākās rudens aktivitātes?
rudens piedzīvojumi turpinās… LO ir oficiāli kronēta par rudens karaliene



DIY autumn leave crown
autumn leaves
little tree sticks


DIY rudens lapu kronis
nepieciešamais materiāls
koku lapas
mazi žagariņi/kociņi

one by one join together leaves using little tree sticks until your crown is big enough.


izmantojot mazus koka szariņus savienojam vienu pēc otras lapas līdz kronis ir gatavs.





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diy – paper tissue head accessory/ bow tie

first time i made paper tissue accessories when katrina and lo had singing class performance and they had to wear yellow. we didn’t have much of yellow in the closet at the time …
that day I had a lunch with a friend and on the table i had yellow napkins. at that point i had an idea to make head accessory out of paper tissues.
later on for katrina’s “circus” birthday party this idea was brought up once again. together with kids we made little crafts- party head acssesories for girls and bow ties for guys
paper tissue headband and bow tie

paper tissues
lace or rope (i use paper rope)
glue gun

headband with bow
step 1 – make a bow – band paper tissue in the middle several times with rope, glue rope ends
step 2 – band headband with the same rope and also glue the ends
step 3 – stick together headband and bow with glue gun

bow tie
to make a bow tie use the same method like before, just instead of headband use a rope. for adults u can also use thumbtack.

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diy – father’s day love letter – chalkboard cups

sunday, june 16th, father’s day … did u know abt it?
here, in the Hague, it’s a very special day… in school girls been preparing gifts already for a week. they are so exited how they gone surprise daddy in the morning. it’s a challenge to keep it as a secret…
we also made our present at home – a love letter on chalkboard cup (diy). i love the idea of making ur everyday special with a little note on your morning cup.

dad’s day chalkboard cups
chalkboard paint
coloured chalks


step 1 – colour cup (2 – 3 x) with chalkboard paint, better to do it four days before u want to write on it
step 2 – improvisation – use chalks to write ur special dad’s day message
step 3 – surprise your daddy with big morning hugs and personalized cup of coffee
have a sunny, funny weekend


diy: easter cupcakes

sweet holidays on… :)


white chocolate, melted (not hot)
butter paper
plastic bag
coloured paper
coloured ribbon
hot glue gun
chocolate cupcakes (recipe below)

chocolate decoration
fill a plastic bag with melted chocolate (try better to fill in one of the corners).
cut the corner of your bag (1mm deep).
choose the shape of bunny ears u like to make (i use improvisation but u can also draw them before on the butter paper and then fulfill with chocolate).
cool them for about h and decorate

cut coloured paper in 4×4 cm squares.
tight them in the middle with ribbon and use as a decoration for cupcakes.
to stick them on use toothpicks or just place them on the top between bunny ears.

vegan chocolate cupcakes by loveandlemons

1 1/4 cups spelt flour (or blend of all-purpose & whole wheat)
3/4 cup agave syrup
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup almond milk (or other milk)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 tablespoons coconut oil
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

mix the wet ingredients, mix the dry ingredients, mix together and bake for 15-18 minutes at 325 degrees.

taste the spring!

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diy: in the feather rain – table/ceiling decor

a couple of months ago i made a new ceiling/table decoration for our 5th wedding anniversary. later i realized that it’s easy adjustable depending on your mood, season or your special home celebrations… #transformationstrenght
in the spring mood: yellow feathers + pearls…

double side scotch
hot glue gun

cut threads in different lengths, attach on the ceiling with double side scotch. tied up pearls and glue on the feathers. done

have a great weekend, i’m off to Paris with my best…
bon voyage!

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diy – chalkboard bunnies

i bought a chalkboard paint… turns out it can be “extremely” addictive although probably not the worst addiction. it’s an easy way to make old things new again. thanks to the simple and yet unique feature of this paint my old food tray has a new life, girls dining table has transformed into new art space and even eastern eggs are coated with this paint. i still have some leftovers… so what’s next on the retransformation list?!

chalkboard bunnies
chalkboard paint
plastic eggs (blown or foam rubber eggs)
colour paper
step 1 – colour your easter eggs with the paint using a small brush. (it took me 3 days as u need at least 3 layers).

step 2- paper crafts – e.g draw bunny ears on the paper and cut them out. glue them on the coloured eggs.

step 3- use chalk to draw things on your bunnies (e.g faces, greetings, names, etc.) katrina and lo drew their bunny families – mum, dad and baby…

let’s play!

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diy – spring wall decor

for a while, i had an idea to make a birdhouse, but it wasn’t ready yet, it just lived there in my head…
and a week ago i had the feeling that the winter is way too long, we couldn’t wait anymore for spring to come, so we bring it to our home with this colourful wall decoration.

double sided scotch tape

for birdhouse
step 1: choose 2 colour paper (A3) for birdhouse
step 2: keep the papers longways and cut them in four pieces each, so in total you will have 8 paper bricks for birdhouse to make
step 3: stick the bricks on the wall with double sided scotch tape in shape of birdhouse
for birds
step 1: choose the colour paper for birds
step 2: choose the birds you want to make (u can use your own creativity or to get some inspiration from inet (birds clip art), we got our inspiration from IKEA napkins print ☺
step 3: draw on the paper your bird lines (body, wings, eyes, beak, tail), to make it easier u can print out the patterns u like, for example, here or here
step 4: cut out all details

step 5: glue the birds

step 6: play and stick them on the wall with double sided scotch tape

enjoy spring…

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