skeleton is coming out of the closet

hello happy Spring :)
happy for a few reasons… the sun is shining in the window and my heart…my little katrina is turning 8 this week…. and i have finally decided to share something with you again :)
Its been a while since we have finished our family skeletons project. Back then we lived in Den Haag… Lo was just two years old (she is six now) and Katrina was four…so, yes skeletone out of the closet…. means we are finally sharing our nurtured baby – 1.5m tall printable skeleton with you readers…. so you can go ahead and make your own :)

U will need:

• printed out skeleton material (see on the page below) or u can also use copy/draw method (using paper and pencil and overdraw the bones from the screen – old school :))
• drawing paper roll or u can use A3 size paper and just stick it together. U need just enough paper space, that u can lay down and draw lines around your body.
• hot/cold glue gan or just strong glue
• scissors
• different fabrics (leftovers), ropes, napkins, anything you can use as inner organs of the body.
• ear sticks as a foot fingers
• 2 flowers/buttons or anything else as eyes
• and of course your imagination

Plan of the work
1. draw the contour of the body on the drawing paper roll, fun poses are just great. Here i would suggest to use erasable pencil as you might need to improve the drawing. Keep in mind that the bones sizes are for 1.50m tall person, so if the person you draw is taller or smaller, u will need some drawing adjustments.

2. cut out the printable (all the bones).

3. set up all the skeleton first and see where goes which bone.
4. glue all the cut material one by one, its good to use some order :) We began with a head, backbone, ribs, pelvis, arms, hands fingers and down to the legs.

5. Next step is an inner organs, foot fingers, hair, teeth and of course head bands… as our skeleton is a girl with name Anna.

A little gif – life with skeleton Anna

Here are some useful youtube material about human body and how it works:
Human body parts
How the human body works
Internal organs
Digestive sistem
Play and have a lots of fun!!!
Cilvéka skelets/Humans skeleton

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oceans and ocean animals 3-part cards

we are continuing our geography journey with oceans… here comes oceans and ocean animals 3 -part cards in latvian language:


english version you can download here

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animals around the world 3 – part cards

last week i finished our fabric world map and now we are slowly inhabiting it … girls are so exited to explore the animals of the planet. we started our journey with little animal toys. girls were searching all around the house what kind of animals do they have and in which area they are living.
yeah we still to have to buy more of them, otherwise it looks like in our world lives just Europe’s and Africa’s animals…:) Until we fix this (maybe with DIY project), we are exploring animal books, encyclopedias and world animal three part cards, which you can download here:
continent and animal cards

these cards are in Latvian language (as we are still developing our latvian language), English version u can find here

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back to school, back to numbers…

she did it….. lo has finally memorised numbers n now she wants to count everything and anything. therefore we want to celebrate it with u and share our victory game- DIY Clapping Numbers…
• egg box
• scissors
• 10 “kinder surprise” plastic eggs
• piece of paper
• chickpeas


mūsu matemātikas lāde ir bagāta ar dažnedažādām skaitļu/ ciparu spēlēm – jaunizgudrotām, aizgūtām, pašdarinātām, pirktām, taču lo ciparu uzvaras spēle ir tieši šī, ciparu plaukšķināšanas spēle
• olu kaste
• 10 “kinderolu” trauciņi
• papīra loksne 10 cipariņiem (1x1cm platumā)
• zirņi (mēs izmantojām turku zirņus)
• līmes pistole
• flomasters


• cut ten 1×1 cm paper squares
• write numbers 1 to 10 on each of them
• stick little squares on the plastic eggs


spēles sagatavošana:
•sagriežam desmit 1x1cm papīra kvadrātiņus
•sanumurējam šos kvadrātiņus no 1 – 10
•piestiprinām tos pie “kinderolu” kastītēm


• fill each egg with an equal number of chickpeas


•katrā “kinderolu” kastītē ievietojam attiecīgo daudzumu zirņu


• open the egg box and write numbers 1-10


•sanummurējam olu kastes iedobumus no 1-10, lai katrai oliņai ir sava mājiņa


1. close your eyes and choose one of egg, say the number you have picked


spēles noteikumi:
1. aizvērtām acīm izvelc vienu no kinderolām, nosauc ciparu


2. surprise… open your egg and count out load how many chickpeas do you have. (you can make it a bit more difficult with a wrong amount of chickpeas).


2. parsteigums… oliņā ir kaut kas iekšā. atver kastīti, izber zirņus un saskaiti tos, pārbaudi vai oliņā ir pareizais zirņu skaits (velāk var mēģināt zirņu skaitu jauk)


3. put all the chickpeas back in the plastic egg
4. clap your hands as many times as shown on the plastic egg and count it out loud. lo favorite part :)


3. saliekam zirņus atpakaļ oliņā un novietojam sev blakus
4. dubults neplīst… skaļi skaiti un vienlaicīgi sasit plaukstas – viens, divi, trīs, četri… (atbilstoši ciparam). šī ir lo mīļākā spēles daļa:)


5. now you can put the plastic egg back in the box in the right place
6. take the next plastic egg and repeat the task until you go trough all the numbers.


5. atrodam, kur dzīvo oliņa
6. tā turpinām līdz visas oliņas ir atradušas savas mājiņas


focus pocus, u did it :)


fokus pokus, tev izdevās :)

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letter school printables: letter / burts t

Letter/ burts T (toddler / 2-3 gadi)

Letter / burts T (preschooler / 4 -5 gadi

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letter school printables: letter / burts p

happy tuesday folks :)
as u might have noticed a couple of weeks ago we (me and my husband tristaps) started to work with worksheets and printables for latvian letters.
here comes the next one – letter p (download previous here here).
Letter/ burts p (toddler / 2-3 gadi)


Letter / burts p (preschooler / 4 -5 gadi

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letter school – p

Last weeks’s letter was P and girls had a week off – spring waiting Holiday.
Unfortunately, Katrina got ill, so most of the time we spent home doing different kind of letter P related activities, some of Eastern DIY (greeting cards, E decorations) and we also started preparing for Katrina’s birthday party (invitations, decorations etc.).
Letter p recognition, related words and pictures


Fine motor skill activity with tweezer (p for Latvian pincete)
LO sorted pompoms (easy peasy), but Katrina at the same time sorted out the pieces of mosaic. Katrina’s task was quite challenging – using tweezers she sorted out all the small pieces. I must say you have to have patients to do that and she did it just great. LO also had a go at it and immediately said: Next time, mum

DIY mouse for pen or pencil (p for Latvian pele/ mouse). Printable pattern and instructions on Martha Stewart’s website here.
DIY mouse for pen or pencil (p for Latvian pele/ mouse). Printable pattern and instructions on Martha Stewart’s website here.
We made it together with Katrina whilst LO was in after school activities with dad. Actually it was her idea to make a surprise for her sister, cute isn’t it?
p.s. Katrina’s first time using glue gun :)

We also had a home made exhibition where we exhibited beans, peas and lentils (p for Latvian pupas/ beans). An intro in the world of legumes (p for Latvian pākšaugi/ legumes). Plus another fine motor skill activity – sorting legumes with chopsticks, spoons and hands afterwards.

Some paper crafts (p for Latvian puķupods/ flowerpot and capital p)

On of the favorite letter p activities was dropper art (p for Latvian pincete/drooper. U will need:
paper towel
food colourings
little bowls/cups/glasses for water colouring
This task has three parts:
water filling from one dish to another using dropper (great for fine motor skill);

colouring the water and making an art on the paper towel;

and finally girls created their own activity mixing colours in the glass.

Shaving foam sensory tube
It’s a bit messy but totally worth it. They had so much fun revealing mum’s hidden treasures in the clouds of foam :)
U will need shaving foam, something to hide (beans, mosaic pieces, buttons (p for Latvian pogas/ buttons) and a proper place to play (summer+garden). I used trays to protect our work space.

Rope creation activity

Food entertainment: p for Latvian pica/ pizza. We had a pizza cooking evening where Kristaps and girls were preparing pizzas. The funny thing about it is that they are more than happy to be participating in the food making process, but not always in the eating process. In fact their pizza’s are usually without any toppings and sometimes not even properly baked.. We are working hard to expand their daily menu’s…

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letter school – k

Few month back we learned letter K (k for Katrina).
We made Katrina’s name out of paper – we cut out the letters and decorated them with different materials and techniques: ribbon lace, fabric, little rolled up newspaper balls, dried flowers, stickers, etc.
Girls sticked the letters on an A3 paper (Katrina had another task to organise them in the right order) and placed it on the wall above their table. Every time Katrina wanted to sign her work she had the name in front of her.
It worked perfectly. Now, after three months, Katrina can write her name not only in capitals, but also in written letters (after a month I changed the example to written letters). Yesterday, for the first time, she wrote her name without any help.
Another victory…
Lo is always happy to participate in writing activities, yet still not interested to write her name on her own (sometimes just the first letter).



As always we had a game of Secret box with the letter of the week (read more about this activity here, and the usual writing, colouring, and a letter finding activity (download printables here).

Another great educational activity templates for children, u can find here (for example, k for king template).

We also had fine motor skill activities: yarn ball winding (k for latvian kamols / yarn ball); origami ship folding (k for latvian kuģis / ship) and floating it in the bath. This was the first time that Katrina and Lo tried to make origami. It wasn’t easy but, with dad supervising, they enjoyed it and therefore would love to do it again.



origami boat instructions

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letter school printables: letter / burts K

Here comes first cooking poetry printables for toddlers and preschoolers, letter K: coloring, writing, letter
k finding and sand paper template. Learning with fun :)

Cooking Poetry burtu skolā jauni mācību materiāli drukāšanai, mācīties prieks:)

Letter/ Burts K (toddler / 2-3 gadi)


Letter / Burts K (preschooler / 4 -5 gadi

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letter school – z

Finally, winter in The Hague :) We couldn’t resist skipping school and staying outside almost all day long enjoying the snow and filling our lungs with fresh winter air …

We started already at 8 a.m., when the night was still behind the window and at the end of the day it wasn’t easy to get them in, at least to drink some hot tea before becoming real ice girls.



This week I chose to teach the letter z (ziema – winter) to celebrate the Dutch two weeks winter :)

We did a lot of interesting activities.





Sorting peas with chopsticks, spoons and hands at the end… LO is always about tasting :) Good practical activity to improve fine motor skils.



One of the funniest is our secret box exercise of z, in which u put all things u can find in the house, that are related to the letter z. Then, you put on a blindfold and grab one item out of the box and guess: what is it?

Use all your senses to find out what is in your hands. In time, you will see how they’ll (your senses) improve.




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