diy – spring wall decor

for a while, i had an idea to make a birdhouse, but it wasn’t ready yet, it just lived there in my head…
and a week ago i had the feeling that the winter is way too long, we couldn’t wait anymore for spring to come, so we bring it to our home with this colourful wall decoration.

double sided scotch tape

for birdhouse
step 1: choose 2 colour paper (A3) for birdhouse
step 2: keep the papers longways and cut them in four pieces each, so in total you will have 8 paper bricks for birdhouse to make
step 3: stick the bricks on the wall with double sided scotch tape in shape of birdhouse
for birds
step 1: choose the colour paper for birds
step 2: choose the birds you want to make (u can use your own creativity or to get some inspiration from inet (birds clip art), we got our inspiration from IKEA napkins print ☺
step 3: draw on the paper your bird lines (body, wings, eyes, beak, tail), to make it easier u can print out the patterns u like, for example, here or here
step 4: cut out all details

step 5: glue the birds

step 6: play and stick them on the wall with double sided scotch tape

enjoy spring…



  1. Zane March 4, 2013 at 18:36

    Šis ir forši! :)

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