funny bunny… head accessories and more…

it’s been a while since my last post and I’ve missed it so much. so today i said to myself, let’s make our day a bit different- more crafts less studing. the idea to make headbands in a theme of spring popped in my head :) so there it goes… happy easter everyone :)

u will need:
foam balls
30x15cm fabric rectangle
30 cm fine wire
glue gun
simple headband or hair pin


how to make it:
1. take foam ball and wrap it in the fabric, fix it with wire – make it with two knots in the middle and leave both ends for bunny ears
2. wrap wire ends with fabric to make bunny ears. use glue gun to stick them together. improvise.
5. cut out little circle (3cm wide) from the same fabric, u will need it for sticking bunny on the headband
6. take your bunny, fabric circle and headband, stick together with glue gun.
  the last pic u can see our easter fun game… keep the egg between your nose…


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