hello from maastricht

today is three weeks since we moved to our new homecity maastricht :) so far so good…

unpacking is done, and we already had our first xmas here…

we had our first visit to katrina’s and lorena’s new school – montessori bassischool de poort . our first meeting was more than an hour long…. nice chat with a cup of tea and a tour of the school, so girls could see their new classrooms.
this time they will be in separate classes (for real), and i think it’s great… this way they can grow up as an individuals. hopefully lorena won’t have a hard time dealing with it, cause in j.f.kennedy montessori school it didn’t work out, she was crying every day since her fourth birthday (in netherlands u attend school from 4). no one had ever seen her so sad before, she even had to go to the toilet every 3 minutes… stress under the pressure i guess… and yeah, she has a character too…
she got what she wanted back in the old school, after a week we moved her to katrina’s class, where she was a happy girl again… actually it was her teacher’s suggestion, she thought there is no point to keep her sad, cause we were about to move anyway.
after the visit to the new school, she said she liked her class even better than Katrina’s… more dolls to play with… so we are hoping this time it will work out ☺


we had some random chit chat with people in the neighborhood, sightseeing in the city (maastricht around christmas time really looks magic). we also visited our potential new yoga place, signed up with the city library, and, of course, found new dancing place – www.kumulus.nl
check… check… check… check…

we consecrated our new stove… with a special lunch for our name-day boy Kristaps….. oh boy, it was “the world’s greatest vegetable lasagna” from green kitchen stories (http://www.greenkitchenstories.com/worlds-best-vegetable-lasagna), the time spent in the kitchen totally worth it… ☺
and for your sweet tooth, we made our xmas calendar activity – home made gingerbread cookies with chocolate and cranberry deer decorations on it… girls enjoyed decoration bit the most, they were all over in choooooocolate… :))
we also had a xmas party in latvian school “diegabiksis” (the same one in breda, only this time we drove there from south). we are happy that our moving from the hague hasn’t changed our habit, which has already become sort of a tradition- once a month we meet up with our latvian friends to celebrate latvian holidays in more traditional way:)




  1. Liga Krista January 3, 2014 at 15:04

    Cik forši, ka ne tikai Zviedrijā Montessori skolās ir lelles!

  2. Zane January 4, 2014 at 22:27

    O, kādas jums dāvanas.. :) Sastellējāt?

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