not into Valentine’s day… :)

a couple of days ago i asked girls, what is love? and i realised that we havent actually ever spoken about it… i made a video and i think i’ll try doing it again in the future to see how it would develop over the years :)
so what our girls think about LOVE…..
lo: when you are ready to give away your best shoes… when you wear white dress…, when u wear a beautiful ring and u have lots of flowers…, when dad givs presents to mammy… (she is trying to do it almost every time when she is in the shop… daddy, i think we have to buy something for mummy… :)
katrina: when u kiss each other…, when a girl stands next to a boy, when falimy is together…, when u watch movies one a couch together…
here is our day (girls only) spent in thoughts about love…wedding dresses, flowers and a lot of hearts…
have some cheeez :)
and happy lovers day :)



  1. Liga Krista February 14, 2014 at 16:10

    aij, kādas princeses tev aug :)

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