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24 times xmas

hello, december!
this year, in addition to our traditional xmas calendar we added a beautiful idea of Kindness Elves, inspired by Ana from Imagination tree :) thank you for this lovely idea… we couldn’t even wait until xmas, so we began earlier. our first wrapped presents are already on the way to children’s homes in Latvia :) this is a great way to show love, kindness and gratitude to kids. we spent a wonderful evening preparing presents and talking about sharing, giving and spreading love to people around us. hug your family, send a letter to your friend and give a smile to a stranger on the street…just GIVE!!!
here comes our 24 magical sacks with letters from kindness elves and ides for our xmas time:) enjoy!

1. create a new tradition for Christmas with the Kindness Elves.
As next of #kindnesselves activity will be DIY present for children in India. In this idea we will support Yoga Gives Back organization and will send xmas presents to my yoga teacher from Yogaplace, who is already months in India and share love with children there.
2. make your own gingerbread dough. this year we choose vegan receipe from minimalistbaker:
3. craft your advent wreath. we usually use natural materials… some leftovers from summer and autumn (nuts, dry flowers, berries, etc.) and we also like to add some gingerbread cookies.
4. make your own table decors for xmas dinner.
we will make napkin rings with recycled material: toilet paper rolls/ papaer towel rolls covered with ribbon lace
5. make a meal and invite some friends.
as we are living in Netherlands, we are lucky to have two Santa Clauses. Ziemassvētku vecītis (in latvian Santa Claus) is coming on 24th of december from North Pole and another one is dutch Sinterklaas (also known as Saint Nicholas), who came this year on 15.november and stays until 5.december – Dag Sinterklaas. We are making dinner for our friend Ana from Portugal :)
more about who is this old man with white long beard coming from Spain with boat and a lot of helpers -Zwarte pieten – you can read here and here xmas tree decors with clay
7.light up second candle and go for a family walk in the neighbourhood xmas market.
8. make or buy a bird feeder and start to feed birds in the garden each day until spring is coming.
There are a lot of great DIY bird feeders using pine cones and other ingredients on Pinterest, this yea we will make orange bird feder:×9-kids-holiday-crafts/’s time to make some homemade cards.
10. snow bird crafts.

11. DIY xmas wrapping paper – we go for polka dot:
12. snowflake crafts. we already made paper snowflakes for lorena’s “frozen birthday party”:

now will try to make glue gun window snowlakes:
13. make an easy table cards for your special xmas dinner – cones with name tags
14. go for a xmas trip to another city, search for xmas lights, hot chocaaaalate and pancakes. we are going for family trip to Cape Verde, so next ideas we will fulfill there. xmas movie on the way….
15. xmas peanut crafts
16. xmas tree preparation… we wont be home in christmas time but i still think it would be great to have xmas tree in our holiday house, found couple great take away ideas:
17. surprise night expedition… Here are kidsactivitiesblog idea: Have Daddy tuck the kids into bed while you (sneakily) prepare hot cocoa in travel mugs. Run the mugs and cozy blankets out to the car and then dash up the stairs to the kids’ rooms. Open their doors and shout Surprise!!!! Get them out of bed and go on a hunt around your neighborhood (in jammies!) for the best and brightest Christmas light displays. The kids will love the element of surprise and the hot cocoa!
As we will be in Cabo Verde, we will attend Turtle SOS organization for turtle saving activity. #kindnesselves

18. give love and donate. we found organization in Sal (Capo Verde), where we will bring girls drawings, school items for children in Africa. Teach your kids the true spirit of giving. #kindnesselves
19. make a family handprint christmas tree and send it to grandparents
20. search for xmas lights in yours or neighbourhood city.
21. read xmas story
22. learn about xmas traditions in your country or if you already know them all, search for different countries traditions. we will learn about Caboverdian traditions, interesting… do they have any?
23. make a list of everything you’re grateful for and stick it onto a happy/ thankful xmas tree or put it into the gratetude jar, which you can fulfil during the next year. hmmm…great idea also for New years eve…
24. christmas morning breakfast – lazy morning in pj, give out free hugs to all friends and family today! Hugs release endorphins and make everyone feel happy. #kindnesselves
Have a joyful Christmas season planing!!!

24 xmas miracles

welcome december…
it has been almost a month since i wrote you last time, and honestly, it’s been pretty crazy over here… cause guess what? we are moving to another city… and yes, just before xmas :) as u can imagine we have a lot of things to handle, all those little “musts”…
at the same time we had to prepare for lorena’s 4th birthday. oh boy… that was A party, this year we traveled back in time…native american fairytale…
we have a lot of stories to tell, but for now packing, packing, packing, xmas, xmas, xmas…
aaaaand yesterday i finally made our xmas mood board for this year… even though I was about to say no #tiredmindthoughts
here it comes, our inspirations…


esi sveicināts decembri…
šodien aprit tieši mēnesis, kopš pēdējā ieraksta :) hip hip… ir bijis tik daudz brīžu, kad gribējies padalīties ar piedzīvoto, iedvesmoto, sasniegto, tomēr tam mazliet pietrūcis laika un varbūt šoreiz arī spēka resursu… :) es nesūdzos, upe strāvo, ieņem citādu gultni…
kopumā novembris pagājis krāsainu lapu virtenē: man nu jau 31; lo godpilnie 4 un “īstās” skolas gaitas, un visam pa vidu mēs pārceļamies uz jaunām mājām, jaunā pilsēta… jā, tieši pirms ziemassvētkiem…
bet par to un citiem notikumiem vairāk uzrakstīšu jau no Mastricht, pilsētas par ko paši holandieši saka, ka esot viena noskaistākajām.

pagaidam sastādīju decembra mazo, lielo darbiņu sarakstiņu: pakošanās, pakošanās, pakošanās, ziemassvētki, ziemassvētki, ziemassvētki…
un kā jau tradicionāli arī šogad izveidoju ziemassvētku aktivitāšu kalendāru, pareizāk sakot, pats kalendārs pie mums jau dzīvo piecus gadus (sašuvu to, kad Katrīnai vēl bija tikai gadiņš), mainās aktivitāšu lapiņas, ko pielāgoju brīža emocijām, sajūtām, mazo dāmu vēlmēm

xmas calendar
advent calendar
xmas mood board
xmas activity board

1.light up first advent candle , make our own gingerbread cookie dough
2. letter to the north pole…
3. DIY a xmas gnomes
4. read a xmas fairy tale
5. prepare xmas cards
6. go and see the hague’s xmas lights
7. make xmas bird
8. light up second advent candle, watch ballet nutcracker
9. make cookies
10. DIY snowfairy head accessories
11. DIY wrapping paper
12. DIY ceiling decors
13. DIY a xmas tree ornament – deer
14. xmas poem through the moving process: the Hague – Mastricht… 2.5 h long way
15. light up third candle – enjoy xmas performance, this year with Latvian Voices
16. DIY snowflakes
17. DIY xmas tree – this year we decided to save one and make our own:
18. xmas table decorations – floating candles
19. explore our new home city, enjoy xmas lights
20. make a snow globe – oh i love them, since i was a little girl, so exited to create our own one
21. visit neighbourhood xmas market, this year it’ll be valkenburg xmas in the caves
22. light up fourth candle, set up all 2013 xmas time DIY, xmas cards in one garland
23. have a movie night with xmas movie and popcorn – the sound of music
24. get ready for xmas eve – table decoration, cooking, singing
have you made an advent activity calendar? What are your xmas time traditions?


1. iedegsim 1.adventes svecīti, sagatavosim savu piparkūku mīklu – mums garšo Signes, no
2. vēstule uz Ziemeļpolu…
3. gatavosim čiekuru ziemassvētku rūķus
4. lasīsim zsv stāstu
5. gatavosim zsv kartiņas ģimenei un draugiem
6. pastaiga naksnīgajā Hāgā, zsv gaismiņas
7. veidosim zsv putnu dekorus
8. iedegsim otro svecīti,skatīsimies baletu “Riekstkodis”
9. gatavosim zsv cepumus
10. gatavosim sniega feju galvas dekorus
11. gatavosim ietinamo papīru
12. gatavosim griestu dekorus – zvaigznes
13. gatavosim zsv briežus
14. mācīsimies zsv dzejoli
15. iedegsim 3. advents svecīti, zsv svinības Latviešu skoliņā ” Diegabiksis”, Latvian Voices koncerts
16. gatavosim sniegpārsliņas
17. gatavosim paši save zsv eglīti – šogad nolēmām aizsākt jaunu tradīciju
18. gatavosim galda dekorus – peldošās sveces
19. iesim iepazīt Mastrchti, mūsu jaunā mājvieta
20. gatavosim sniega bumbas – tās, kuras sakratot sniedziņš snieg… #bērnībasatmiņas
21. apmeklēsim vietējo zsv tirdziņu, šogad tas būs Valkenburgas zsvētki alās
22. iedegsim 4.adventes svecīti, izveidosim zsv virteni no šī gada zsv laikā izveidotajiem materiāliem
23. zsv filmas vakars ar popcorn – Mūzikas skaņas #zsvklasika
24. sagatavosimies zsv vakaram – galda dekorēšana, gatavošana zsv dziesmu pavadījumā
vai tu jau uztaisīji savu zsv aktivitāšu kalendāru? kādas ir tavas ģimenes zsv tradīcijas?

24 x xmas – diy garland

what is christmas? kids’ joy when unwrapping presents. our tradition is experiencing xmas miracle every morning when opening today’s advent calendar’s small sack, stuffed with sweets, small gift, games…