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skeleton is coming out of the closet

hello happy Spring :)
happy for a few reasons… the sun is shining in the window and my heart…my little katrina is turning 8 this week…. and i have finally decided to share something with you again :)
Its been a while since we have finished our family skeletons project. Back then we lived in Den Haag… Lo was just two years old (she is six now) and Katrina was four…so, yes skeletone out of the closet…. means we are finally sharing our nurtured baby – 1.5m tall printable skeleton with you readers…. so you can go ahead and make your own :)

U will need:

• printed out skeleton material (see on the page below) or u can also use copy/draw method (using paper and pencil and overdraw the bones from the screen – old school :))
• drawing paper roll or u can use A3 size paper and just stick it together. U need just enough paper space, that u can lay down and draw lines around your body.
• hot/cold glue gan or just strong glue
• scissors
• different fabrics (leftovers), ropes, napkins, anything you can use as inner organs of the body.
• ear sticks as a foot fingers
• 2 flowers/buttons or anything else as eyes
• and of course your imagination

Plan of the work
1. draw the contour of the body on the drawing paper roll, fun poses are just great. Here i would suggest to use erasable pencil as you might need to improve the drawing. Keep in mind that the bones sizes are for 1.50m tall person, so if the person you draw is taller or smaller, u will need some drawing adjustments.

2. cut out the printable (all the bones).

3. set up all the skeleton first and see where goes which bone.
4. glue all the cut material one by one, its good to use some order :) We began with a head, backbone, ribs, pelvis, arms, hands fingers and down to the legs.

5. Next step is an inner organs, foot fingers, hair, teeth and of course head bands… as our skeleton is a girl with name Anna.

A little gif – life with skeleton Anna

Here are some useful youtube material about human body and how it works:
Human body parts
How the human body works
Internal organs
Digestive sistem
Play and have a lots of fun!!!
Cilvéka skelets/Humans skeleton