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in a royal mood – lo’s 3rd birthday party

back in time, november 17th 2012, little lo’s 3rd birthday…
it’s not a secret that there is a little princess in each of us (sometimes even more), who dreams to be rescued by a loving braveheart… and it’s so cute, lo still believes that her charming prince is daddy
so we had a party with princesses and knights, perhaps she will change her mind… lolz

bites and pieces

craft (recycled)

invitations & birthday goodies

head accessories for little ladies (soon in the blog)

party people

diy – paper tissue head accessory/ bow tie

first time i made paper tissue accessories when katrina and lo had singing class performance and they had to wear yellow. we didn’t have much of yellow in the closet at the time …
that day I had a lunch with a friend and on the table i had yellow napkins. at that point i had an idea to make head accessory out of paper tissues.
later on for katrina’s “circus” birthday party this idea was brought up once again. together with kids we made little crafts- party head acssesories for girls and bow ties for guys
paper tissue headband and bow tie

paper tissues
lace or rope (i use paper rope)
glue gun

headband with bow
step 1 – make a bow – band paper tissue in the middle several times with rope, glue rope ends
step 2 – band headband with the same rope and also glue the ends
step 3 – stick together headband and bow with glue gun

bow tie
to make a bow tie use the same method like before, just instead of headband use a rope. for adults u can also use thumbtack.

day of magic – katrina’s birthday

a day in circus… my little girl turns five :)

devil in details…







water fun

someone got bored… lol


plastic cup activity



circus crafting (more about it in the next week’s post)

arty party



paper rain




party people








magic happens


hip hip hooray!

every kid loves pj’s day

Happy New Year! Lots of love, laughs, muffins and family/friends!


After long Christmas hollidays with mum, dad, sis’n bro, it’s was just 4 of us again… So we decided to spend the last and the first day of the year with each other, being lazy. Late breakfast in pj’s (Katrina’s request), cheesy family movies in bed, home made sweets & treats. 2 days of doing nothing, just the way we like it.

birthday leftovers – love letters

Katrinas 4 th birthday party! This  year we celebrated Katrina’s birthday in our new home in the Hague.  The party theme  - bunnies all around (Eastern inspiration). We did different paper crafts: for the wall decoration; during the celebration, kids made their own bunny headpieces.  It’s always nice to meet new friends and this was great way to know Katrina’s playmates better.




We miss our butterflies a lot – Anabella, Gabriela, Kristers, Raiens, Henrijs, Annija, Kārlis, Pauls, Olīvija, Roberts, Krišjānis and Gustavs.



So we wrote a birthday love letter to our dear friends as a special greetings from the Hague with our little party friends – adventure bunnies (birthday leftover – wall decorations becomes to the funny hello cards )